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Iron Forged Designs is a Blacksmiths based in  Brackley, Northamptonshire.

I am a Blacksmith who loves to design and create metalwork. Being a smith my specialism lies in hot forged metal manipulated by hammer and anvil, using techniques that have been developed over thousands of years.

Using both traditional and modern working processes I work with my clients to provide a bespoke and individual service.

I began my training at 16 where I started a 1 year forging & metalworking course at Moreton Morrell College. During my course I found work with a local smith where I started to learn how to put the working processes I had learnt into practice. Following this I then began my 7 year apprenticeship with a master blacksmith. During this time I learnt the many different aspects that encompass the craft of Blacksmithing. As part of my training I was sent to Holme Lacy College on the 2 year NETS block release course, a training scheme designed to teach the more advanced and complicated techniques of my trade. After I had completed my training I set out to start my work as a professional smith and thus Iron Forged Designs was born.     

I strive to keep the skills I have learnt and my craft alive, creating work of a high quality and pieces that are both functionally and aesthetically pleasing.



Ben Landucci

Iron Forged Designs



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